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At Cloudway, we recognize the importance of your existing business applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) systems in supporting your operations. However, from our experience, we know that purpose-built SaaS systems need to be integrated in the existing IT landscape and we know that existing business applications might have limitations that hold back your business.

Our Cloud Native smart enterprise integrations can help you overcome the challenges associated with your current applications and SaaS systems. By extending their capabilities, ensuring data consistency, and streamlining cross-system processes, we can significantly enhance the productivity of your employees and elevate the experience of your customers.

Are you ready to unlock the benefits of Cloud Native smart enterprise integrations?


Why are smart enterprise integrations important?


Extend, improve or replace purpose-built (SaaS) systems

Your current business applications and systems, whether custom-built or SaaS, often focus on a single key aspect of your business. While they may excel in their specific purpose, they often lack functionality in other business domains.

By integrating with these existing systems, we can extend their functionality, improve scalability, and even gradually phase them out when necessary.

For example, Philips had a Product Information Management (PIM) system that provided an excellent experience for content managers to create and update product data. However, exposing this data to more than 40 output channels proved challenging. This led to prolonged development times when supporting new channels and significant delays between data creation and publication.


Improve employee efficiency


Business processes often span across multiple purpose-built (SaaS) systems, which can lead to data inconsistencies and confusion among employees. By integrating these systems and enhancing them with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we can significantly improve employee efficiency and streamline workflows.

For instance, we recently worked with a large logistics company to extend their internal systems by implementing IoT and AI solutions at the edge. This allowed them to gain valuable insights into their yard operations. As a result, they were able to drastically reduce the manual work required and minimize the time spent locating specific containers within their yard, ultimately optimizing their overall processes.


Improve customer experience


In recent years, IT systems have evolved from merely supporting businesses to becoming the primary drivers of business operations. This shift often implies that current business applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) systems have processes that, if exposed to customers, could significantly enhance the customer experience.

For instance, Cyclis, a company that utilizes Odoo as its ERP/CRM system to streamline processes, has demonstrated the benefits of exposing certain processes to customers. By making bicycle maintenance and claim follow-up accessible to their clients, Cyclis has not only improved the experience for cyclists, HR, and dealers but also reduced the workload of their employees.


Critical success factors for enterprise integrations


As enterprise integration platforms often integrate with core business applications and systems, it is critical that this enterprise integration platform is and remains secure. We tackle this challenge by utilizing serverless cloud services to offload part of the security to the cloud provider while setting up a Secure Software Delivery Life Cycle (SSDLC) to ensure the security of the software itself.

Scalability & Resilience

It is critical that the enterprise integration platform can handle high and spiky load and that it is resilient to ensure that your business processes are always available and performant. By employing serverless cloud services and creating an Event Driven Architecture, we ensure that the platform is scalable by design.

Limit costs and operational effort

By taking advantage of serverless cloud services, we also lower the base cost and the operational effort of the platform. This is the same level of efficiency that you expect from your SaaS tools.

Extendible architecture

To ensure that the enterprise integrations platform is future proof, we ensure that the platform is easily extendible. It should be easy to add new source and target systems and it should be easy to integrate new technology like AI to allow AI enabled business processes.

How Cloudway can help

Leverage a decade of Cloud Native expertise

With the exponential increase in new cloud services and features, it can be challenging to create the right Cloud Native architecture.
Cloudway helps you navigate these challenges. We have more then a decade of Cloud native experience that you can tap into through consultancy, app development and assessments.

Our team of Cloud Native developers is well-versed in a wide range of programming languages, including .NET, Node.js, Java, TypeScript, and Python. We have extensive experience working with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our experts are equipped to assist your team in the custom development of cloud native applications across various domains and technologies, including Internet-of-Things, event-driven applications, microservices, and API development.

Architecture Consultancy

Leverage the knowledge of our Cloud Native Architects to create a scalable, resilient and secure architecture tailored to your specific needs.

Development consultancy

Increase the Cloud Native experience level and development speed of your team through our Cloud Native Developers.

Project delivery

Whatever the challenge is, we can deliver the right solution. Our project teams will work with you to create this solution from prototype to production and support you with all your operational needs.

Assess & Migrate

Do you already have a solution and want to migrate or modernise it to improve the performance, resilience and security? Our Cloud Native Expert do an assessment and document all improvements.

We work with all major cloud platforms

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Why Cloudway?

At Cloudway, we specialize in cloud native solutions on AWS and Azure, leveraging highly scalable cloud services that require minimal operational effort. Our expertise allows us to handle the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on your core business. By working in a cloud environment, we can also integrate AI services, creating a win-win situation: AI-enabled software improves customer experience and maximizes your employees' efficiency.

With extensive experience in highly regulated environments, such as the financial and healthcare sectors, we guarantee secure software development, well-thought-out proof of concepts (PoC), and reliable Minimum Viable Products (MVP) with a short time to market. Our broad technology expertise in Java, JavaScript, Node, TypeScript, Python, and .NET/C# enables us to deliver on this promise.

Our goal is to establish sustainable, long-term partnerships. If your current business applications, systems, and data sources are outdated or in need of a makeover, let our experts help. They excel at resolving complex challenges, making the process seamless for you.


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