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Our team of experienced Cloud Native Experts specializes in designing and delivering software solutions that prioritize patient safety, data protection, and regulatory compliance while ensuring scalability and rapid deployment.

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Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Based on a decade of experience in building solutions for the Healthcare Industry, we have seen many challenges that might block or delay the delivery of IT solutions.

At Cloudway we have experience with tackling these challenges and ensuring fast Time to Market even within regulated environments.

Want to know how we could support you with your regulatory challenges?

Sensitive patient information

Due to the critical nature of Healthcare data, including medical history and treatment details, it is a prime target for cybersecurity threats, like ransomware attacks, which can compromise patient information and disrupt healthcare services. Protection should be in place to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

Heavily regulated industry

The healthcare industry is subject to stringent regulations, such as HIPAA, HITRUST, and NIS2, which are designed to safeguard sensitive data and maintain the highest standards of security.


While patient information is sensitive, it is also critical to share this information securely between different systems and organisations to improve the quality of care and the general efficiency and productivity.

Uninterrupted care to patients

Healthcare software solutions must be reliable and maintain a high level of uptime to ensure that medical services can be provided continuously, as system downtime could have severe consequences for patient care.

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Why cloudway

How Cloud Native architectures tackle these challenges

At Cloudway we help you take care of these challenges using Cloud Native architectures that leverage serverless and microservices to address security and compliance challenges. A Cloud Native approach leverages compliant cloud services to ensure delivery of software fast, secure and resilient.

This has enabled us help our customers to unlock the US market which requires HIPAA compliancy within 3 months and it has helped us to get new solutions from design to production within 9 months.

In summary, A Cloud Native architecture is a smart choice for organizations seeking to build secure and compliant software applications.


The advantages of a Cloud Native architecture for Healthcare

Secure and Compliant with fast time to market

A Cloud Native architecture leverages services of the cloud providers which are built on infrastructure that is made and kept compliant by the cloud providers. Furthermore, these services have built-in security features such as role-based access control, network policies, and encryption. 

By leveraging these services, it becomes easier to comply to HIPAA, GDPR and NIS2 regulations and ensures a fast time to market.

Reliable and scalable

A Cloud Native architecture will unlock all advantages of the cloud. It will use the redundancy and fault tolerance of the cloud provider's infrastructure and it will automatically scale based on the demand on the solution.

This will ensure your solution is high available and cost efficient by leveraging the pay-per-use model and lowering operational effort

How Cloudway can help

Leverage a decade of Cloud Native expertise

With the exponential increase in new cloud services and features, it can be challenging to create the right Cloud Native architecture.
Cloudway helps you navigate these challenges. We have more then a decade of Cloud native experience that you can tap into through consultancy, app development and assessments.

Our team of Cloud Native developers is well-versed in a wide range of programming languages, including .NET, Node.js, Java, TypeScript, and Python. We have extensive experience working with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our experts are equipped to assist your team in the custom development of cloud native applications across various domains and technologies, including Internet-of-Things, event-driven applications, microservices, and API development.


Architecture Consultancy

Leverage the knowledge of our Cloud Native Architects to create a scalable, resilient and secure architecture tailored to your specific needs.

Development consultancy

Increase the Cloud Native experience level and development speed of your team through our Cloud Native Developers.

Project delivery

Whatever the challenge is, we can deliver the right solution. Our project teams will work with you to create this solution from prototype to production and support you with all your operational needs.

Assess & Migrate

Do you already have a solution and want to migrate or modernise it to improve the performance, resilience and security? Our Cloud Native Expert do an assessment and document all improvements.

Some of our Healthcare reference cases

Barco Demetra

Barco, an international company that specializes in medical imaging solutions, began developing an application on their own hardware but struggled to achieve compliance.

  • By leveraging AWS cloud services, we were able to shift the responsibility of ensuring compliance for all underlying hardware and networking infrastructure to AWS. This allowed us to concentrate on our core business objectives, enabling us to go into production and deliver business value for Barco within just 9 months.
  • The AWS services we employed automatically scale to zero, meaning Barco only pays when the services are actively used. This approach brought the cost of maintaining the regulatory environment close to zero, resulting in minimal infrastructure investments while still being able to support customers on a large scale.



A start-up with limited funding required a secure, compliant, and scalable platform to ensure their success.

  • We utilized AWS services that automatically scale based on demand, enabling us to deliver business value within just 3 months.
  • To penetrate the American market, we needed to ensure HIPAA compliance for their services. By leveraging AWS's compliant hardware and networking infrastructure, we achieved this goal in only 2 months while maintaining the ability to support customers on a large scale.
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Let our experts help!

The Cloudway team comprises experts in cloud native solutions on AWS and Azure. Our team specializes in developing compliant apps, including those that adhere to HIPAA regulations, with ease. We can also assist in enabling AI services to create AI-powered software that enhances customer experience and maximizes your employees' efficiency.

Are you in need of a secure, reliable, and scalable Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a fast time to market? Look no further! Cloudway is here to help you achieve your goals.


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