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We build and deliver cloud native applications with you, reducing time to market and operational expenses while improving scalability, agility & flexibility.

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Optimize performance

Ship like a startup: Mixing cloud-native with agile and DevOps result in faster and better quality releases allowing companies to beat the competition.

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Cloud provides an amazing foundation for digital customer experiences. Fullfill every request on time, analyze data in real time and capitalise on the opportunities of the digital age.

Cut Costs

When done right cloud-native reduces the total cost of ownership and increases insights into your application costs and benefits.

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VRT profiel

VRT Profiel

The Belgian public broadcasting company has taken up its exemplary role to protect the privacy of its users across platforms such as VRT NU, VRTNWS and its television and radio stations. The users can view and manage their personal information, consent asked and given to specific VRT products and newsletters on a single website called the VRT Profiel. Users can also start a procedure for their information to be deleted across the whole of VRT products.

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