Serverless Development

Incorporating serverless services in an architecture means opting to focus on the functional aspects of your product that provide the most business value. Moreover, with serverless development you only pay if your application is actually used. This methodology therefore offers a solution for both start-ups and large enterprise customers.

Serverless Development

Why go Serverless?

A serverless architecture allows your organization to build and run applications without having to manage infrastructure. It provides a way to remove concerns for server maintenance and development costs. Instead it provides more room for scalability and productivity to drive more business value.

Pay per use

All serverless services employ a pay-per-use model ensuring the services are interesting for large enterprise companies as well as start-ups and scale-ups since they don't require any up-front investments.


With serverless, a lot of security aspects are handled by the cloud providers hence releasing burdens on infrastructure, network or host-related security aspects.


Serverless services often adhere to well-known and widely used compliance standards such as HIPAA and several ISO standards.

Time to market

Serverless services allow you to focus on developing business value for your product and significantly reduces the time to market for new applications and/or features.

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The power of serverless

Cloudway experts have been using the power of serverless since the very beginning in 2014. Right now, we use the experience of our experts, in applying the serverless methodology in order to create business-driven production-ready applications for our clients.

Scalability & Monitoring

Serverless services have scalability and monitoring built-in. Our experts will guide you to determine the borders of the elasticity and to configure monitoring to receive valuable alerts and information about your production workloads.


Serverless services and DevOps go hand-in-hand. Using techniques such as Infrastructure-as-code, Cloudway experts are used to incorporating DevOps in their development workflows.


Serverless services are designed to communicate with each other using an event-based approach. Our experts can help you use these services to add or replace features in a larger event-driven system.


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Server-less is thinking less about servers by leveraging managed services of the public cloud providers that reduce undifferentiated heavy lifting such as security updates, scaling and hardware maintenance. Or as Werner Vogels states: No server is easier to manage than no server.

Your code is of course still executed on a server, however, you do not make use of any permanent infrastructure. So, there is no server you need to worry about.

Serverless reduces total cost of ownership and frees up time of the development team to focus on differentiating features bringing more value to your business in a faster way. It also leverages the shared responsibility model to the greatest extend while still allowing custom development of business logic in code.

Core serverless solutions provided by the public cloud providers often already adhere to industry standards (e.g., HIPAA, FIPS 140-2 & PCI DSS Level 1). The only responsibility left with the business, is writing compliant application logic.