Cloud Native Development

With the right architecture in place, cloud native development becomes much easier. Our experts in both cloud and software development deliver your project or product with an eye for maintainability and reliability.

cloud native development

Why cloud native development?

Being cloud native is more than just moving your existing applications to the cloud. Having the right architecture in place is the foundation for success. At Cloudway, we help your organisation with this completely different approach to infrastructure, architecture and solution design.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality software to customers by focusing strongly on building extensive expertise in cloud native architecture and development services.

Innovate faster

Break out of classic development cycles by removing time-consuming way stations with a cloud native architecture.

Automated security

With the right architecture in place for the cloud, you can automate your security standards to remove the biggest barrier for innovation.


Take advantage of ready-to-use infrastructure so your development team can focus on creating value within your app, rather than the common framework.

Improve User Experience

Optimize core functionalities hassle-free through microservices and improve the end user experience.

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Strengthen your development teams with cloudway experts

Our experts have experience in several programming languages (such as Node.js, Java & Python) and on several cloud providers (such as AWS, GCP & Azure). Our experts can help your team with the development of applications in a myriad of domains and technologies such as Internet-of-Things, event-driven applications, microservices, API development...

Moreover, we are happy to pass on our knowledge to employees within your company, ensuring that internal development teams become more familiar with the cloud in general and cloud native development specifically.

Reduce time to market
Through the use of DevOps and agile ways of working, cloud native development significantly reduces the time to market of your application.

We enable development teams to become truly cloud native through hands-on collaboration or through dynamic training courses and workshops.

Innovate Faster

Break out of classic development cycles by removing time-consuming way stations with a cloud native architecture.

Code Quality

Our experts can provide you with reliable software, which can be deployed with confidence since they are using automated testing and quality gates to ensure value.


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Cloud native development on the public cloud is developing applications leveraging the capabilities of the managed services provided by the cloud provider such as Azure IoT hub and AWS S3. Or serverless compute solutions such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

Cloud native development solutions provide - among other things - ways to reduce time to market by using a buy-before-build approach and reduces undifferentiated heavy lifting by leveraging the shared responsability model of the public cloud providers.

A cloud native software developer isn't only focused on writing code, but also incorporates cloud native architecture and DevOps into their daily job.