Cloud Native App Migrations

Do you have an existing application or a set of applications that you want to migrate to the cloud? We would be happy to work with you to establish a pilot migration project.

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CLoud Native App Migrations

Why migrate your app to the cloud?

Legacy applications can be a real challenge to an organization. Running costs can rise, new features are hard to implement and integration with modern cloud services is a tough nut to crack.

Migrating your legacy applications to a cloud-native environment will allow your organization to capitalize on the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, without losing the reliability and security of your applications.

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Optimize Running costs

Optimize the running costs of your applications by migrating them to the cloud and take advantage of a more scalable, pay per use model.

More integrations

Your applications should grow alongside your business. Cloud-native applications allow you to add additional integrations on the fly with little limitations.


Take advantage of ready-to-use infrastructure so your development team can focus on creating value within your app, rather than the common framework.

Scalable & Secure

Scale your applications based on the needs of your organization, without losing eye on security and compliance regulations. 

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We make shifting to the cloud a no-brainer

No rocket ship ever launched without a rock-solid game-plan... And no application ever migrated to the cloud successfully without a well-designed roadmap. Moreover, this roadmap needs to be coupled with a well thought-out architecture and DevOps strategy.

Cloudway is here to help your organization adopt this cloud-native approach to remain competitive and become more future-proof.

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Application Assessment

First, we need to understand the business purpose of migrating your app to the cloud. Afterwards, we are better able to assess your current application environment and evaluate the costs and needs of your cloud migration.

Environment & Deployment
What is best for you? A single or multi-cloud solution? And what about the deployment model? IaaS, PaaS or Saas? If you don't know how to answer these questions confidently... We are here to help.
Pilot your Project

The only way to become truly cloud-native at some point is to just get started. But that doesn't mean a full migration from day one. Let's start with a pilot project to migrate and test your application in the cloud for more business value.


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