The Power of Cloud for Philips

Philips has collected an enormous amount of product information in their internal systems that must be able to be adapted quickly and easily on their website, product pages and via Cloudway has therefore developed an intermediate cloud system for this customer with which all this data can be updated intuitively and in record time.


This customer case also demonstrates the benefits associated with Cloudway's cloud solutions. Stef Ceyssens:
“The greatest advantage is that they are scalable and can be expanded or limited as required. In the case of Philips, it was also very easy for marketing employees to make product changes online and view the results of their work directly on the site.


Their time-to-market has decreased enormously and they can switch faster to publish new marketing content via all Philips output channels. Compared to the past, all product adjustments are now implemented four times as fast on all Philips platforms."

Are you interested in adjusting your product information quickly and intuitively in the cloud? We can also make this happen for your company! Feel free to contact us

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