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Michael Willemse

26 October 2020



Describing the relationship between Stef and Cloudway? A lifelike example that Cloudway is the place to be for Cloud consultants with an insatiable appetite for the latest technologies. Read the full story and discover why!


During his higher education years, Stef followed the Applied Information Technology degree programme at PXL University (of Applied Sciences and Arts). A three-year training with main focus on Application Development. Throughout such practice-oriented programmes, you regularly get the opportunity to participate in educational trips and seminars led by external parties. One of those seminars which Stef attended, was conducted by Stef Ceyssens, Cloud Native Developer and Architect at Cloudway. For Stef a very first interesting introduction to Cloudway.

Not long after, Stef came back into touch with Cloudway, this time throughout LinkedIn. As Stef was looking for a holiday job to deepen his knowledge in the area of application development, he published an open call on the social network. Something that didn't go unnoticed. Stef Ceyssens responded to Stef's appeal and offered him a summer job. During these months, he contributed to the development of a knowledge tool which automatically generates a feed consisting of the news updates from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. According to Stef, a tremendous valuable experience which, moreover, resulted in a full-time job at the company.

For two years now, Stef has been operating as Cloud Consultant at Cloudway. In short, he develops applications and designs architectures, both specifically for the cloud.


Throughout his two-year journey to date, Stef has already been allowed to participate in assignments for some major companies. His first customer was Signify, formerly known as Philips Lightning. There he worked on a solution that ensures that when Signify wants to update one of its products, these changes are automatically processed at its customer's premises. (amongst others The latter is automated in a serverless way, which implies payment per invocation and enables easy scaling.

Currently, Stef is doing an assignment for Nike sports gear, where he's operating in a larger team. Without going into too many details, this taskforce is in charge for the development of a system that guarantees that the correct information for the various product packages automatically gets into the hands of Nike's carriers (DHL Parcel, TNT Express,...). In the long-term there must be some transition to a contemporary Cloud technology.


As Cloudway is constantly relying on the latest technologies, it is very important to continuously evolve and learn. So far, Stef has focused on Azure and Amazon Web Services, for which he both got certified. The next step is to broaden his knowledge in the area of Google Cloud. Something which is easily facilitated by Cloudway, as they're providing their employees with time and resources needed to acquire new skills.

On top, Cloudway pays a lot of attention to internal knowledge sharing. Internal brainstorms are organized on a regular basis, where experiences are exchanged. Podcasts are hosted, which implies both external and internal knowledge sharing. And last but not least, Cloudway regularly organizes activities that are somewhere between fun and knowledge exchange. Think about hackathons, team weekends and many more. Yes, learning can be fun!

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