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Real-time Data Processing With Kinesis Data Analytics

By Nick Van Hoof | July 22nd 2020

Using Kinesis Data Analytics to get real-time insights in Flanders' traffic situation!

The Perks of a Serverless Architecture for a Product Content Publication System

By Stef Morren | June 18th 2020

Leveraging the advantages of AWS serverless technology at Signify.

Google Cloud Platform... The Next Big Thing

By Stef Ceyssens | March 9th 2020

Many technology solutions are labeled way too soon as the ‘next big thing’. But in the case of Google Cloud Platform it might be the full truth. You don’t believe it? Watch out!

Serverless – What is it?

By Stef Ceyssens | January 8th 2020

Since AWS launched AWS Lambda in 2014, we, Cloudway, have been using serverless components to build architectures. Since 2015, we have been using a serverless-unless or serverless-first approach and since then, we have delivered many applications built around serverless architectural components.
In recent years, however, we have seen the hype increase and with that hype, the definition of serverless has also become broader. As a result, the definition has become less clear.
In this blog post, I will go through the different perspectives and definitions to eventually reach our Cloudway definition and the reason why we have chosen this definition as a basis.