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19 October 2018

The Belgian public broadcaster has taken on an exemplary role to protect the privacy of its users on various platforms such as VRT NU, VRTNWS and all its television and radio stations. Thanks to this collaboration with Cloudway, users can now view and manage their personal information and authorisations for specific VRT products and newsletters on a single website: the VRT Profile. In addition, users also have the option of initiating a procedure to delete their information for all VRT products.


To achieve all of this, Cloudway has built the VRT Profile platform using a combination of PAAS and SAAS services running on Amazon AWS. The core identity provider is deployed with Elastic Beanstalk, where the application is scaled horizontally and has self-healing functions.

The VRT profile website, the supporting microservices and the right of removal workflow are implemented using serverless techniques such as AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, S3 static sites and the workflow engine-as-a-service component Step Functions.


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