Routty Express: a scalable, multi-tenant platform


The Client

Routty assists companies in digitally transforming their financial business processes. Their all-in-one platform enables companies to receive, send, and process financial data directly and automatically to business applications, facilitating matching, approval, archiving, and workflow capabilities. By doing so, Routty helps its clients enhance control, compliance, and efficiency while unlocking new opportunities.


The project

The client needs

Routty utilized a single-tenant platform that was set up and configured according to each customer's specific requirements. The configuration determined the channels through which invoices or related documents were received, such as Peppol or sFTP. It also contained information on how the documents needed to be processed, including transformations and the systems to which they should be exported, such as an ERP system.

However, the challenge lay in the fact that this setup and onboarding process took several weeks to complete, and the running costs were high. As a result, Routty sought to transition from a single-tenant platform to a new, highly configurable multi-tenant platform. The new platform needed to allow for fast onboarding while also providing an easy way to configure invoicing flows, including transformations and enrichments.

Additionally, there was a need for scalability. Financial documents are often processed at specific times of the year, such as quarterly updates or at the end of the month. Therefore, the system needed to be able to scale down during periods of low usage to limit costs, while also being capable of rapidly scaling up when there are spikes in usage. To address this, we implemented a subscription-based solution.

The new platform is called Routty Express.



Cloudway has developed the Routty Express platform, which is a Smart Integration platform that revolves around a set of workflows designed to determine invoice metadata, transform invoice XML, and export the invoices to the appropriate output system. These workflows were created by integrating various Azure services, including Functions, Container apps and Logic apps.

With this custom software development, Routty can now configure workflow behavior per tenant through back-office screens. Additionally, they can determine how invoices should be routed from source to destination. Alongside these configurable workflows, Routty and their partners can swiftly create new input and output connectors while effortlessly utilizing the available input and output APIs of the Routty Express platform.

Routty high level architecture



With the previous system it took Routty several weeks to onboard a new tenant. Now with the custom software solution the onboarding can be done by non-technical people within a couple of days. Another benefit of the platform is its low base cost, which allows Routty to offer it to their customers using a subscription-based model.

Furthermore, the platform is built on top of Azure managed services, enabling it to automatically scale up and handle the processing of over 50 million documents per month.

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